Article Coming Out in Pennsylvania Game News

     Be on the lookout for the upcoming December issue of Pennsylvania Game News for a deer-hunting article I wrote for the magazine. The title is “Opening Day in the Big Woods,” and it’s a story of the classic opening morning all of us deer hunters get to experience once in a while: hiking deep into the forest before daylight, killing a buck during the first hour of legal shooting, and then taking the time to savor and contemplate the experience.
     I don’t do much magazine work anymore, but I sure used to, starting with my first article, a “how-to” piece for North American Hunter in 1983. At one point, in the late 1990s and early 2000s, I was a regional columnist for national motorcycle magazine, a regular in every issue of the now-defunct Mountain Journal, and a contributor to a dozen other magazines every year. Then I moved to Indianapolis in 2002 for a hot-shot management job, and I was barely able to keep up with my newspaper columns until I semi-retired and moved back home in 2005. Since then I’ve been too busy working on my new book – The F-Troop Chronicles – to do any more than a couple of magazine articles per year. The book is going well, though. I just finished Chapter 17 out of a likely final total of 25. I’ll probably finish during the first quarter of 2008 and then launch the book as soon as I find the right publisher.
     Good luck out there. And have a great week outdoors.    

~ Don Feigert, 11-13-07

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