Trucks Are Better Than Women

Trucks Are Better Than Women is quite different from Feigert’s books on the outdoors. It’s a 135-page R-rated collection of 27 humor pieces focusing on the battle of the sexes.

Trucks is Feigert’s best-selling, most popular book, an ideal and unique gift item for mature audiences of men and women who are able to laugh at male/female conflicts and themselves. From the award-winning “The Benefits of Smoking” to the sly “Why Waitresses Make the Best Lovers” and the tongue-in-cheek “Gentlemen Prefer Prostitutes,” each chapter is guaranteed to generate a laugh.

To order autographed copies, send a check or money order for $12.50 per copy, post-paid, to Don Feigert, P.O. Box 1381, Hermitage, PA, 16148.