F-Troop plans Motorcycle Pete Weekend

     This week several Camp F-Troop regulars are busily preparing for the 19th Annual March 10th Motorcycle Pete Retreat. Every year on or around the 10th of March, we commemorate the end of the winter doldrums season by breaking out of our Shenango Valley homes and driving up to the Warren County camp to socialize, hike trails, shoot guns, watch outdoor videos, build campfires, make repairs, spot wildlife, play cards, whatever. It’s usually too early in the year for fishing and too late for hunting, but we go anyway, just to enjoy the camaraderie of camp and to celebrate our hopes for the upcoming spring.
     A close friend of my ex-brother-in-law Jack, Motorcycle Pete was a semi-regular back in the early days of camp. He and his wife Chainsaw Wendy always showed up on the March 10th getaway weekend, even if they missed every other camp event of the year, so we named the annual event after Pete, and we have maintained the Motorcycle Pete tradition to this day, even though Pete and Wendy moved to Las Vegas years ago and never attend now. So if you happen to hear a little extra celebratory noise up in the big woods this weekend, you’ll know it’s the F-Troop gang, keeping our camp tradition going strong.
     Good luck out there. And have a great week outdoors.

~ Don Feigert, 3-5-07

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