Fall Muzzleloader Plans at Camp F-Troop

     What’s new is we’re finally getting some cooler seasonal weather lately after a September and half-October of August-like heat and dusty desert drought. It will be a lot more comfortable now to get out into the woods and enjoy the spectacular fall colors. Just in time, too. Next week my brother Billy and I are planning a three-day, middle-of-the-week trip to F-Troop for some fall muzzleloader deer hunting, autumn foliage appreciation, late-season wild trout fishing, and, if we can find the time, some staining work on the exterior of camp. Now that Donna Rai’ and I have spiffed up the F-Troop interior and replaced the ancient, sagging camp furniture, it’s time to spruce up the outside appearance before our expected gang of 10-12 guests arrives six weeks from now in rifle season.
     I’m not much of a muzzleloader hunter, but I’ll at least take my inline for a walk in the woods a couple of mornings and evenings while we’re there. Billy’s an aficionado of primitive weapons, though. He has killed three deer in the last five years during fall muzzleloader, while I have taken only one in my entire career.
     We’ll also be curious to check out the tornado damage that occurred in Venango and Warren Counties a couple of weeks ago. Friends up there have reported over the phone that our camp survived just fine, but we’d like to confirm that ourselves.
     Good luck out there. And have a great week outdoors.    

~ Don Feigert, 10-12-07

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