Good Progress on “F-Troop Chronicles” Book

     It’s my birthday, and Donna Rai’ and I will celebrate tomorrow with a hiking excursion down at McConnell’s Mill, one of the most remarkable natural settings in western Pennsylvania. I’m looking forward to a challenging side-hill hike from the big waterfall at the mill down to the bridge and back, which is four miles of dark woods in the deep gorge, lush green foliage all around, plenty of slippery rocks and roots to trip up on, and fast waters running over and around the big boulders in the stream. Hope to see some wildlife, too.
     Also lately I’ve been making good progress on my new book The F-Troop Chronicles, a history of the places, events, and people at F-Troop Camp from its founding in 1986 up until today. I’ve been writing the book for over a year now, and the work went well last fall and winter, but it slowed down considerably this past spring. During July and August, though, I finished four new chapters, numbers 11 through 14 out of a planned 25-chapter book. At that pace I’ll complete the manuscript in January or February, 2008, and maybe get it published later that year. When that happens, we’ll post information on this Web site on how to buy autographed copies. Wish me luck.
     Good luck out there. And have a great week outdoors.    

~ Don Feigert, 9-14-07

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