The Annual Island Overnight Trip

     Last weekend eight of us – five men and three women – put our watercraft into the Allegheny and headed downstream eight miles to our favorite island overnight camping spot, Muddy Point on Mudd Island. D-Rai led the way in her slick sleek kayak, followed by Roadie and Millimeter and Didge and Winnie in their fast canoes. Queen and I followed in my wide and heavy freight canoe, and Bip brought up the rear in his lumbering one-man float tube. It was a warm and sunny day, and the river sparkled as we traveled along under the green-shouldered hills of State Game Lands 86.
     When we arrived at Muddy Point, all eight of us sprang into action, erecting our four tents, unloading gear, and gathering our evening firewood. Then the ladies picked wildflowers and lounged in the evening sunshine while the guys all went wet-wading for smallmouth bass in the shallow currents downstream from the point. Digital and Millimeter hooked good fish right away on small lures, so I switched from a four-inch jointed Rapala to a two-inch minnow lure and immediately caught a 17-inch smallie, our best fish of the day.
     That night we all enjoyed a roaring campfire with leisurely cooking and outdoor storytelling holding forth until midnight, when six campers retired to their tents. D-Rai and I stayed up late, though, turned our backs to the fire, and gazed through dangling maple limbs at the light reflected on moving waters from the full moon above. Peace and contentment and quiet voices reigned.
     Good luck out there. And have a great week outdoors.    

~ Don Feigert, 6-8-09

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