Two stories added to “Columns” page

     It’s mid-July, and the weather is hot, hot, hot and dry, dry, dry. We’ve had so little rain the past month that the small wild trout streams in Warren County that I love so much are dangerously low, putting those precious wild brookies at risk. Let’s hope and pray for some rain showers soon.
     What’s new with the website is that we’re adding two stories from the first half of 2007 to the “columns” page, which currently features four columns from the second half of 2006. The stories we’re adding are the humor column “Writer reveals the naked truth about country childhood,” which appeared February 8, 2007, and the serious fishing appreciation piece “Solitary wild trout fishing is a true summer treasure” from July 1st. If anyone reading this site has other suggestions, let me know.
     Donna Rai’ and I just returned from a week-long vacation in Key West, the first time there for both of us. We did some sightseeing, spent a lot of time at the Hemingway house, experienced great meals and exciting night life, and enjoyed two boating excursions, but we missed our planned deep-sea fishing trip because I got sick and had to cancel. Bummer. Maybe next time.
     Good luck out there. And have a great week outdoors.    

~ Don Feigert, 7-15-07

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